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  The Modern Employed PhD - The Current State of the Scientist Career Path

Welcome! Check out the resources available here in the Free the PhD platform and please feel free to discuss any topics or ask questions!

In this Free the PhD Career Talk, learn:

  • The Realities of the Modern PhD Career Path
  • My story - PhD to Application Scientist (and what that means)
  • Other PhD stories
  • The Scientific Ecosystem & Beyond
  • Takeaway 1 - The Nonlinear Career Path (think big picture)
  • Takeaway 2 - The Nerd Onion (how jobs are structured)
  • Takeaway 3 - The Frog in a Well Syndrome (don't let this happen to you!)
  • Preparing for your Future


It's never too early to start planning your next step or Plan B. Check out the Employer and PhD Career Path databases in the next section, and some of the transition stories for inspiration!